Football or soccer is one of the most exciting sports that unites people all over the world. Powerchair football is even more exciting as players with varying degrees of physical disability demonstrate immense capabilities and achieve incredible things.

This is right ‘on the ball’ at PTC and our approach to helping improve the lives of people with rare diseases.     

Partnering with FIPFA for the Powerchair Football World Cup 2023 underpins PTC’s commitment to the community and provides compelling opportunities to further the progress of people with disabilities and achieve extraordinary things on-and-off the field.  

Beyond developing life changing therapies, PTC’s commitment to the community includes supporting patients and their families through the entire journey, by facing the challenges together and celebrating more shared moments with each other. With the FIPFA sponsorship, PTC will bring this commitment to life by ‘scoring some important goals’, among which includes supporting organizers with the execution of an international event that will bring athletes from 10 nations, thousands of passionate volunteers and spectators together for a world-class tournament. PTC’s game plan?

A goal for inclusion

Many of the athletes who are engaged in Powerchair Football are affected by rare and life-threatening conditions, causing disability, yet their ability to transcend physical limitations and perform at the highest level of sport is inspiring.  Many more people living with rare diseases and disabilities may want to become part of the football family and PTC is excited to play a role in promoting and supporting the pathways to inclusion in the sport.

Sarah Bourgeois, PTC’s Vice President, Head of Global Marketing explains why inclusion matters for PTC.

Sarah Bourgeois

“People with rare diseases and disabilities possess many qualities, attributes and capabilities that define the person’s identity and potential. That is how people in the community should be recognized – rather than by disability” says Sarah.

Sarah adds, “Unfortunately, disability often limits people from social inclusion and personal development opportunities in the community. At PTC, we believe everyone should have equal access to participate in life and pursue their potential. Sport is a catalyst for inclusion and can provide many benefits that improve the lives of people with rare disease and disability. This is what we strive to achieve at PTC and why we are passionate to support inclusion in sport”.

“The FIPFA Powerchair World Cup is an opportunity to showcase the power of inclusion and we will be building this recognition through various communication activities online, through media channels and through interactions with all our key stakeholders across the globe, including patient communities, healthcare providers and government agencies.”

By encouraging and promoting the success of those who are participating, together we can inspire and empower others in the community to continue to raise the bar,” concludes Sarah.

A goal for quality of life   

Sport provides an extraordinary platform for personal development which can contribute to improved quality of life. As people with rare diseases and disabilities go through many life-changing moments it has been PTC’s commitment to support them in their journey.  

Sian O’Neill, Senior Director for Patient Engagement covering Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) region shares why quality of life is crucial to progress in the community.  

Sian O'Neill

“Quality of life may be severely impacted for people living with rare disease and their families. Besides the health implications, there is direct impact on engagement in community life, social interactions, mobility, education, recreation and leisure, emotional and physical well-being. Advances in care continue to improve the prospects and create opportunities for people living with rare diseases. Ongoing efforts are needed to break down the barriers that limit participation in community life and activities.

At PTC we strive to improve quality of life so people can participate fully in life.  Through our FIPFA Powerchair World Cup sponsorship we aim to achieve this by helping to realize more dreams, life’s moments’ and achievements” says Sian O’Neill.

A goal for visibility

Powerchair football is one of the fastest growing sports for people with disabilities and is played in 30 nations across Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific. It is fast paced, highly tactical and showcases the incredible skill of athletes. We believe the sport and participants deserve more attention, which is where PTC is keen to make a contribution. 

Nikhil Jayaram, PTC’s Vice President and GM responsible for Asia Pacific (APAC) region, welcomes the cup to his home turf in Australia and takes a leading part in supporting the future of powerchair football.

Nikhil Jayaram

“Athletic achievements by people with disabilities are parallel to any other major sport and top athlete. The more we can support this development the more the sport can grow and receive recognition. PTC will be actively promoting and raising awareness of the FIPFA World Cup globally to generate more interest in the sport and inspire new participants and supporters” says Nikhil.

“The more visible the sport is the more all powerchair users can dream about one day representing their country.

We invite everyone to join us and help to support people with rare disease and disabilities excel in life” adds Nikhil.

PTC is a proud sponsor of the FIPFA Powerchair World Cup, taking place 15-21 October 2023 in Sydney, Australia.

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