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Grants & Donations

Making meaningful contributions

PTC Therapeutics is committed to helping the lives of patients and families within our communities. Part of this commitment includes providing grants to support high quality programs that are focused on rare diseases and to make meaningful contributions globally.

All grant requests will be submitted to the PTC review committee for consideration and must have clear objectives and be in alignment with areas of interest to PTC. A complete grant proposal should be submitted 60 days prior to program start date.

Please note, sponsorships are not part of the PTC Grant Program. If you are seeking financial support for a sponsorship, which is support for events or programs whereby PTC receives a tangible benefit (e.g. an annual membership in a professional society, an opportunity to set up an exhibit, display table or booth at the event, seats at a gala or a PTC speaking opportunity), the request is not a grant but is considered a sponsorship and is covered by a separate PTC procedure. Please contact your local PTC representative for submission of any sponsorship requests.

We're here to help

We’re looking for ideas in motion. Initiatives poised to make a meaningful difference, while aligned with areas of focus at PTC.

In order to be considered for funding – not including IIS, please complete the below questionnaire to provide an initial understanding regarding the nature of your request:

Congratulations! Based on your responses, you are preliminarily qualified to submit a grant request for further consideration by PTC’s review committee.

Please provide the following information to register and receive credentials to access PTC’s Grants Portal. Once you are logged in to the portal, you will then be asked to complete a request form to capture additional details related to your grant request.

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Thank you for your interest in receiving funding support from PTC Therapeutics. Based on the information you have provided, regrettably we are unable to provide support on this occasion.

We receive many worthwhile requests each year, but unfortunately, it is not always possible to support each request. Please contact us if you have any queries, or if you need any further information.

1. Are you requesting funding for an event for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) including but not limited to, accredited and non-accredited continuing medical education (CME and non-CME), disease awareness, or medical conferences?
2. Are you seeking support for a healthcare-related program/activity aimed at a target audience of patients?
3. Are you requesting support for charitable or philanthropic purposes?
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Medical research grants

Make an Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) request

IIS requests are unsolicited studies where the investigator conceives the research, develops the protocol, and serves as the sponsor. Independent requests must have clear objectives and be in alignment with PTC’s mission. A complete IIS proposal should be submitted 60 days prior to program start date.

STRIVE™ for DMD award grants

Strategies to Realize Innovation, Vision and Empowerment (STRIVE)

The STRIVE Awards recognizes and financially supports patient advocacy groups working to give a voice to those affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
DMD Family from Mexico