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PTC is currently accepting IIS Requests aligned with our portfolio and research interests. Please complete the form below to apply.

PTC Therapeutics is committed to helping the lives of patients and families. Part of this commitment includes providing support to independent Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS). The research derived from these studies provides opportunities for PTC to better understand rare diseases and potentially improve patients’ lives.

Investigator Initiated Studies are unsolicited studies in which the investigator conceives the research, develops the protocol, and serves as the sponsor. PTC provides support in the form of a medical research grant.

All IIS requests will be submitted to the PTC review committee comprised of medical and scientific personnel for consideration. Independent requests must have clear objectives and be in alignment with areas of interest to PTC. The committee evaluates based on set criteria and evaluation process. A complete IIS proposal should be submitted 60 days prior to program start date.

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