At PTC, we invest in our people and dedicate resources to development and learning, ensuring our employees are supported and empowered in their careers.

Hege Sollie-Zetlmayer
Research consistently shows that a key engagement element for employees is that they feel they are developing in their role. We help make this possible by providing a variety of programs and tools that support employees and leaders in their careers.
Hege Sollie-Zetlmayer SVP, Human Resources

Investing in our employees’ learning, skills and career development is integral to PTC’s success. We offer several resources to support our employees’ well‑being, learning and career development while providing growth opportunities. Learn more about our Learning & Development offerings below:

Learning Resources

We have a variety of resources aimed at supporting employees in developing their technical and behavioral skills as well as encouraging their personal development. In addition to instructor-led development training sessions, employees get access to self-paced resources that promote self-discovery, leadership development, cultural awareness and cognitive diversity.

Award-winning Strengths-Based Culture

All our employees are invited to take the CliftonStrengths assessment, allowing them to identify their unique strengths. Understanding our unique strengths helps to create fulfilling and thriving

lives for PTC employees, both inside and outside of the company. This leads to increased engagement, effective collaboration and continued development while honoring and embracing diversity.

Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities

PTC established a Coaching and Mentoring Center of Excellence, which provides guidance and inspiration, engages and empowers employees, and acts as a catalyst for the positive change and growth we wish to achieve – individually, in teams and as an organization

Emerging Leaders (EL) Program

The EL program is a six-month, nomination based, global program that was created specifically for early career stars at PTC who demonstrate the passion and traits to become successful future leaders. The program was developed with the goal of establishing a healthy range of diversity at the top as these emerging leaders advance. Learn more about EL program here.

Leadership Excellence Program

The Leadership Excellence program was designed to focus on the continued leadership development of employees at the executive level of their careers at PTC. The program concentrates on honing the leadership skills essential for success including accountable leadership, coaching and mentoring capabilities, emotional intelligence and effective communication.

Global Onboarding

PTC recognizes the importance of establishing appropriate new hire expectations on our culture, values and behaviors when new colleagues join the company. The cross-functional Global Onboarding Committee’s mission is to ensure a quick and successful onboarding experience for new hires.

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