We are excited to announce that PTC has been named a winner of the 2024 Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award from Gallup. This is the third time PTC has won this award that recognizes organizations with strong workplace cultures that get the best out of their employees by developing their strengths and placing them at the center of how they work every day.

At PTC, we use the Clifton Strengths assessments to identify areas where an individual’s greatest potential for building strengths exists. The implementation of the program across PTC enables every employee the opportunity to discover their strengths. Leveraging our Clifton Strengths helps us to transform great potential into greater performance.

We are honored to accept this award and appreciate the recognition that at PTC, we have built an engaging and innovative work environment that is collaborative and shows our commitment to developing our employees.
Hege Sollie-Zetlmayer Chief Human Resources Officer

Congratulations to all of our employees that – together – have made PTC a place to be flexible, stay curious and grow every day.

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About the Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award

Don Clifton, professor of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, invented the CliftonStrengths assessment, which helps companies bring the power of strengths-based development into the workplace. To honor this, Gallup introduced the “Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture” Award. A panel of judges reviewed many companies and identified six that successfully integrated the Clifton StrengthsFinder methodology into its performance management framework as well as support employees in discovering and operating in their strengths. Learn more about the Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award here.