“For me, it is important to not overthink things and just be thankful to be alive.” – Wil Cook, DUG Panelist and Gamer

Duchenne United Gaming (DUG) LogoDuchenne United Gaming (DUG) is a Duchenne muscular dystrophy disease awareness initiative brought to you by PTC Therapeutics and CureDuchenne. The October 10 DUG Champion Competition will feature Wil Cook and four other gamers with Duchenne (James Wood, Hawken Miller, Chris Younkin and Adrien Quintero) competing in a Rocket League tournament via the online gaming platform Twitch. As panelists, these young men were also integral to the development and planning of this global rare disease event.

“My favorite aspects of online gaming are the competition and the immediate gratification from sharpening my skills,” says Wil. “Watching the measurable gains over hours of game time motivates me to push myself to continue to improve.”

Wil Cook, Duchenne United Gaming (DUG) Panelist and GamerErgo, just because Wil has Duchenne – the most common and most severe type of the progressive muscle-wasting genetic disorders called muscular dystrophies – doesn’t mean he’s not striving for excellence.

Online gameplay has also provided a way for Wil to keep up his long distance relationships, even during the COVID-19 pandemic: “Gaming has improved my ability to maintain connections with old and new friends despite geographical location,” he explains.

When it comes to Duchenne, Wil wants people to understand that the disease does not currently have a cure. However, improvements in quality of life and longevity are possible through current drug and care therapies.

“For me, it is important to not overthink things and just be thankful to be alive,” Wil says.

For information about the DUG Champion Competition, please visit CureDuchenne.org.