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Welcome to Insightful Moments™

Insightful Moments is a community education series of programs and materials created to support patients with rare disease and their families.

Insightful Moments My VIBE™

Listen to patients and their families as they share their unique experiences living with a rare disease – from diagnosis to overcoming challenges and building a supportive community.


Insightful Moments Educational Series Materials

Choose your educational series and view PDFs, videos, and webinar recordings to help you along your journey.

Below, you will find pdf roadmaps to help you along your journey. Click the tile to open a single pdf, or check the box to download multiple pdfs at one time. Videos will open in a video player, so you can view them directly in your browser. You can navigate between the Education Series’ by clicking the category button.

We are here to help! Email us at, or call 1-833-PTC-HOPE, 1-833-PTC-VIDA (Spanish)

Para obtener más información sobre Momentos de Claridad, por favor visite o comuníquese con Enlace de Pacientes.

All Educational Series Materials

  1. Insightful Moments - Navigating Insurance - Insurance Terminology
    Insurance Terminology
    Navigating Insurance
  2. New
    Insightful Moments Video
    Insurance Terminology (video)
    Navigating Insurance
  3. Insightful Moments - Navigating Insurance - Different Coverages
    Different Coverages
    Navigating Insurance
  4. New
    Insightful Moments Video
    Different Coverages (video)
    Navigating Insurance
  5. Insightful Moments - Navigating Insurance - Denials and Approvals
    Denials and Appeals
    Navigating Insurance
  6. New
    Insightful Moments Video
    Denials and Appeals (video)
    Navigating Insurance
We are here to help

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To learn more about Insightful Moments please contact us at
or call 1-833-PTC-HOPE, 1-833-PTC-VIDA (Spanish).