PTC is a global biopharmaceutical company with presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and has initiated a new ED&I program to further strengthen its values and encourage positive progress globally.

How does a globally expanding company bring such a melting pot of people together, ensuring true inclusivity? The teams engaged with the workforce for their input, and through this, a number of interesting insights and questions emerged:

  • Everyone’s definition of diversity is different, and this can also be heavily shaped by where you live.
  • Employee resource groups that cater to a specific community of people – be it based on sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion are important, but how do we bring a broader diversity of people together?
  • Sensitivity to other cultures is crucial to reap the many benefits of a culturally diverse, international workforce.

These were the considerations that helped shape the MAGIC (Multicultural Alliance Group of Inclusive Communities) employee resource group in March 2022. Its primary goal is to connect all PTC employees in EMEA around a topic relatable to everyone, to nurture respect and understanding of the diverse workforce. To do this, MAGIC established and launched an “Intercultural Intelligence” program.

Read more about Intercultural Intelligence in this InVivo article by Jesse Sibarium, Senior Vice President, General Manager – EMEA at PTC

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