We are proud to announce that PTC has been named a winner of the 2023 Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award! The CliftonStrengths Assessment helps companies bring the power of strengths-based development into the workplace, by helping people discover & develop their greatest talents. With Gallup’s “Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture” Award, a panel of judges review many companies and identify those that successfully integrate the Clifton StrengthsFinder methodology into its performance management framework as well as support employees in discovering and operating in their strengths.

At PTC, employees take the CliftonStrengths Assessment to learn what makes them uniquely powerful. The assessment poses 177 questions that measure an individual’s talents – their natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving – and categorizes them into the 34 CliftonStrengths themes. Once the assessment is complete, employees receive a personalized report designed to help learn how to succeed. The report provides unique assessments on how one approaches many situations like changing expectations, performance goals, relationships, managing time and resources, and conflict resolution and problem-solving.

CliftonStrengths is an important part of the PTC culture. It helps to increase employee engagement by focusing on strengths, while also helping to create fulfilling and thriving lives for PTC employees, both inside and outside of the company. We want our employees to have fulfilling careers and to lean on their strengths to help them go far – as well as how to identify and work with others’ strengths so that we can all grow and develop together.

We connected with employees across our global offices who shared their CliftonStrength results, how these learnings have impacted their roles and what this award means to them. Read on to learn their perspectives.

Ronaldo Costa Pinto, Senior Director, Human Resources LATAM

Ronaldo Costa Pinto

My top 5 CS strengths are (1) Woo; (2) Maximizer; (3) Communication; (4) Responsibility and (5) Positivity. The self-acknowledgement of my own strengths, and sharing my strengths with my colleagues, helps me and my team make the most of “the best of me”. I’ve also taken my results into consideration in my Individual Development plans.

At PTC, CliftonStrengths is more than a simple assessment. It is philosophically one important pillar of our organizational culture. PTC is the only company I know that elevates peoples’ strengths to a company culture pillar: by doing so, PTC focuses on the individual strengths of each employee, and how the differences and similarities of strengths among employees working on the same team can enhance teamwork results and impact business success.

This recognition demonstrates PTC’s unique approach of focusing on the strengths of our employees. I feel very proud of being part of CS implementation. In fact, I became a Gallup Certified CS Coach in 2021.

Jessica Moore, Manager, Talent Management

Jessica Moore

My top five strengths are Empathy, Connectedness, Positivity, Developer and Includer…all relationship building themes! My results helped me realize things I knew about myself but didn’t see as strengths – they are my SUPERPOWERS! I use these strengths, like connecting with people and using empathy and encouragement, in my role as a coach, a facilitator and a Talent Management business partner.

I think it’s amazing that our organization provides everyone with the opportunity to take the assessment and get to understand their strengths. Having a one-on-one coaching session with a certified Clifton Strengths coach in addition is such a gift. Understanding what your superpowers are and how you can use them in your role is so amazing and puts us all at an advantage to be the best we can be. 

This award shows how serious we are about being EVER BETTER and developing into the best version of ourselves. We have implemented strengths into the culture at PTC and we continue to use strengths to understand each other and how we work as a team. With the support of our leadership, we can use strengths in so many ways throughout the organization. We deserve this award and we have worked hard for it. 

Deilys Vazquez, Medical Science Liaison II

Deilys Vazquez

My top five CliftonStrengths results were: Individualization, Achiever, Input, Positivity and Learner. The results reinforced many of the things I already knew about me – that have the ability to notice and appreciate the unique characteristics of each person and can customize my approach accordingly. I also know that I’m highly motivated by learning new things and sharing them with others, and I am always striving to achieve more. My Positivity strength also means I can keep a positive frame of mind even in challenging situations.

The results had a great impact in making me value these strengths more and applying them consciously to my everyday role. It has also been extremely enlightening to talk through the results and learn how to apply them. Answering the questionnaire and getting the results was just a small fraction of all the great opportunities we’ve had to deepen the knowledge of our Strengths and how to use them every day.

I really enjoyed the process of taking the Assessment, and I admire the way PTC has embraced and embedded it within the culture. It makes me proud to be a part of a company that places its focus on people’s strengths and harnessing what makes them unique. It is extremely rewarding and fundamental in supporting the appropriate environment for people to excel.

Cynthia Lepore, Associate Director, Talent Management & Organizational Development

Cynthia Lepore

My personal top 5 CliftonStrengths are Relator, Self-Assurance, Futuristic, Learner, and Responsibility. Learning these Strengths provided insight into my own behaviors including some that I did not always have clarity or the words for because they come naturally to me. For my role, understanding my Strengths is beneficial because they help me identify the types of activities and tasks that give me energy. Being mindful of Strengths also allows me to see others in terms of their Strengths.

I became mildly obsessed with Clifton Strengths 15 years ago when I first took the assessment. At the time, I lacked confidence and was struggling to figure out how to be myself in the corporate world. My mentor recommended that I read “Discover Your CliftonStrengths” and my mindset shifted for the better.

I am grateful for the opportunity PTC provides me to use these Strengths, and I love connecting with others through their Strengths. I believe that CliftonStrengths helps us understand each other and honors our diversity while building meaningful, trustful relationships.

I am proud that we were recognized by Gallup. In 2022, we set a strategic goal, “Continue to build a culture of Strength and Pride” by continuing to integrate the Strengths mindset throughout the employee experience. This award signifies that the PTC’s Strengths-Based Culture stands out and deserves to be celebrated.