Last week we were honored to receive the EURORDIS Company Award for Innovation. The award recognizes companies undertaking ground-breaking activities to advance rare disease research and medicines development. At the core of this recognition is our unique “culture of innovation”. 

PTC’s proud history of innovation spans over 25 years. From humble beginnings in 1998, to a global organization today, we have grown into an innovative company that has delivered historic breakthroughs in treating multiple rare diseases. Today, PTC has offices in 20 countries, and a global team of more than 1,400 employees. For a small biopharmaceutical company to thrive given the challenges and risks associated with drug development, this global reach and culture of innovation is something we are extremely proud of.  

When we think about what led us here, one critical success factor that has been a core part of PTC is a culture and environment that allows innovation to thrive and continue to succeed.

When you're up against evolution, and many unknowns, trying to deliver innovation is hard to do well and you're going to be wrong a number of times, but how do you take those learnings that go from failing to winning? You must remain humble but also have enough grit and determination to take chances and drive your best ideas over the line.
Stuart Peltz Founder and Chief Executive Officer

We thank EURORDIS for this prestigious accolade and for sharing recognition of our work and commitment to the rare disease community.

PTC accepted the award on February 21, 2023, at the EURORDIS Black Pearl Awards in Brussels, Belgium. The EURORDIS Black Pearl Awards is an annual awards ceremony, which aims to acknowledge and celebrate advancements in the rare disease field. The event will also celebrate and acknowledge Rare Disease Day, an international campaign launched and coordinated by EURORDIS to empower national rare disease alliances and raise much-needed awareness.

Eurordis Black Pearl Award 2023