Matthew B. Klein, MD, MS, FACS Chief Development OfficerRecently, Clinical Leader published a guest column by PTC Chief Development Officer Matthew B. Klein, MD, MS, FACS. Dr. Klein brings many years of experience working directly with patients undergoing hospital treatments and clinical studies to his work at PTC. His honed perspective has led him to identify three ways our life sciences industry can work to improve the clinical trials experience for the patients we serve:

  • Expanding knowledge
  • Expanding geographic reach and bringing trials to the patients
  • Partnering with patients and caregivers

Collecting and sharing data among the clinical field is critical for developing treatments for the thousands of rare diseases that have been identified. Furthermore, it is imperative, Dr. Klein writes, that we expand trial locations and minimize the number of site visits required by patients in these studies – especially with the enduring threat of COVID. Asking questions and listening to their answers is also key to improving the clinical trial experience for patients. This means hearing not just from the doctors and nurses, but the caregivers and patients themselves, too.

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Clinical Trials at PTC

PTC is conducting clinical trials in a variety of disease areas. New ones are continually being added.

We strive to give patients hope, and they give us purpose, and it’s important that we continue to put building blocks in place to develop transformative treatments for the rare disease patient communities globally.”
Matthew B. Klein, MD, MS, FACS