Election Day in the United States is rapidly approaching. With just days until Nov. 3, our company and industry are facing unprecedented political stakes. Despite our industry’s efforts and investments in the fight against COVID-19, we are seeing proposals from both sides of the aisle which threaten to systematically under-value innovation and restrict access for patients. Though it sounds alarmist, the phrase “indifference is the enemy of democracy” has never been truer.

At PTC, we believe every voice matters, which is why our Government Affairs team has created an internal “PTC Votes!” initiative to help equip our team with the tools and information they need to vote this year. PTC Votes! is a website that enables us to check our voter registration status, register to vote, sign up for an absentee ballot, get information about how each state is handling COVID-19 voting, and more. The site is completely non-partisan.

Additionally, in September, PTC welcomed renowned political commentator Charlie Cook as a speaker at an employee-facing webinar, to share his perspective and predictions on the race for the White House as well as those for key Senate and House seats. Employees were able to ask questions in a non-partisan setting in order to learn more about the state of U.S. politics and how COVID-19 has impacted the political landscape in this country.

Every vote matters, and we each have the power to help shape the environment we live and work in. Please stay informed and exercise your right to vote.