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  1. Honoring Leiomyosarcoma Awareness Day: Sharing Patient Stories

    Today, July 15, 2023, we’re honoring leiomyosarcoma (LMS) Awareness Day by sharing some firsthand perspectives on the journey living with this rare cancer. LMS is a type of soft-tissue sarcoma, referred to as a malignant smooth muscle tumor, which can arise in several locations within the body. This rare cancer often presents as enlarging masses…
    Rare Disease Community
    July 15, 2023
    7 minutes
  2. What’s So Special About 2023?

    2023 is a meaningful, unique and thrilling year for PTC. It’s the company’s 25th anniversary, and it is poised to be a year of momentum as we anticipate significant trial readouts in multiple disease areas. We’re also working toward our ambitious goal to produce a therapy every two to three years based on our robust…
    Business & Finance, Rare Disease Community, Science & Innovation
    February 9, 2023
    2 minutes