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Navigating a rare disease diagnosis and treatment can be time consuming and overwhelming, from getting a prescription, working through insurance coverage and getting the medication on time. For people living with rare diseases taking a PTC treatment, PTC Cares is here to help.

PTC Cares helps take care of treatment coordination, so patients with a rare disease and their families can spend more time taking care of themselves. Dedicated Case Managers support families throughout the rare disease journey and provide the expertise needed to help make the process of getting treatment easier.

One of the core support services provided by PTC Cares is Specialty Pharmacy.

What is a specialty pharmacy? Like many other therapies for rare diseases, medications from PTC Therapeutics are distributed through pharmacies that are specially trained to handle them and can deliver them directly to patients. Specialty pharmacies can provide services, information and support that regular pharmacies don’t offer. PTC Cares works closely with a patient’s specialty pharmacy throughout their treatment to coordinate the delivery of their medication.

Together, the specialty pharmacy and Case Manager will:

Help schedule deliveries: PTC Cares helps patients schedule their shipments to make sure their medication is delivered where and when they need it.

Provide refill reminders: It’s critical that patients get their medication on time, so Case Managers proactively monitor when refills are due and provide timely reminders to schedule them.

It may be confusing when patients first start working with a specialty pharmacy, so Case Managers are always available to answer any questions about working with the specialty pharmacy.

Get to know PTC Cares Case Managers, Rick

Rick brings a diverse skill set and is a dependable resource for all kinds of families. He helps them get what they need every step of the way and can even bridge the gap for Spanish-speaking families. Rick has even been known to go out of his way to meet families at conferences around the country. Learn more about Rick, PTC Cares and the support we provide, both practical and emotional.