Sorority and team spirit

Isabella Prada

Today, International Women’s Day, we’re sharing the story of a PTC employee that we are proud to have as part of our team: Isabella Prada, Executive Director, Associate General Counsel & Compliance – LATAM and Data Protection Officer LATAM. Isabella has been with us for four years, leading a department made up entirely of women.

She tells us that it is precisely the feeling of union and empathy among women that guides her work here at PTC.

Isabella says that having an all-female team was a coincidence, but it greatly enriches daily work. “We are incredibly different from each other, which allows us to have great conversations and fruitful projects within our team, whose mission is to support the business in an objective, legal and compliant way. Every day, we seek solutions to assist our stakeholders with the required urgency,” she explains.

Personally, I believe that one woman's growth is the growth of all women. Whoever reaches the stars will represent all of us.
Isabella Prada Executive Director, Associate General Counsel & Compliance – LATAM and Data Protection Officer LATAM

Structural competition exits, collaboration enters

Isabella reminds us that the last decades were marked by perpetuating the competition among women. “Unfortunately, we were taught to compete in all aspects of life: to get the best husband, to have the best family, the best children. With our entry in the workforce, it wouldn’t be different. I’m sorry for this structural competition that still exists in the world, but within PTC, and especially in Legal & Compliance, that’s absolutely discouraged,” she says.

For Isabella, the PTC values are deeply engrained in her day-to-day work. “We are always looking to be ever better. In several projects, we need to work efficiently as OnePTC and be bold, testing limits by ‘thinking out of the box’. I also understand that kindness and passion for our purpose are present in the way we serve our internal and external clients,” she tells us.

Professional and personal lives in balance

To balance professional activities and personal life, Isabella tends to take the weekends off for her family – her fiancée, four cats and two dogs. She checks her phone at most once a day to make sure that nothing urgent is going on. “Besides, with PTC new hybrid work model, during the mornings I practice physical activities and have breakfast with my family. And I always encourage my team to do the same. We are flexible.”

From us at PTC, we hope that all our female employees feel recognized and even more strengthened on this International Women’s Day! We hope the feelings and attributes of empathy and unity are always present in our OnePTC culture, reinforcing the team spirit, respect and inclusion. And may Isabella Prada’s experiences inspire and resonate among each one of you: women and men