My advice to families living with Duchenne is to remember that your child’s hopes, dreams and aspirations are not limited or defined by Duchenne. I think it’s important to break through the noise of what your son cannot do, focus on the things he is able to do, and embrace life with Duchenne by living in the moment.
Tiffany Cook Senior Director, CureDuchenne

Tiffany knows first-hand the impact Duchenne muscular dystrophy has on an affected individual and their family members. After Tiffany’s son, Wil, was diagnosed with a rare form of Duchenne, she immersed herself in helping others navigate their Duchenne journeys through her work at CureDuchenne, a non-profit organization. Using her experience as a qualified speech-language pathologist and mom to a son with Duchenne, Tiffany is helping others live meaningful and purposeful lives by shifting mindsets and motivating families to focus on abilities rather than disabilities.

That’s how a three-part webinar series entitled, “Embrace This Moment” came about: Reflecting on Tiffany’s personal journey, this series covers topics connected to the various stages of Duchenne. It is intended to help families transform their mindset and find silver linings.

Among other initiatives, Tiffany’s proudest accomplishment is working on the CureDuchenne FUTURES national conference, an important gathering for the community. In 2019, this event attracted over 800 people and featured panels focusing on all aspects of living.

Tiffany’s motivation and “ability” to create a positive impact in the community exemplifies what families with #DuchenneCan do when focusing on positive things in their lives.

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