When asked why it’s important to recognize Women’s History Month (WHM) in March, women leaders at PTC agree: WHM is a significant moment in time to honor the achievements and impact of women across history.

“Women’s History Month demonstrates the vast contributions women have made across all areas – politics, music, fine arts, drama, literature, architecture, aeronautics, exploration, engineering, science, professional sports and society in general,” says Marla Weetall, SVP, Pharmacology and Biomarkers at PTC. “Young people, both male and female, should be inspired by these accomplishments and realize that there is a place for the contributions of everybody.”

In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, we connected with women leaders across PTC to learn what makes them proud to be a female leader at PTC and how they inspire inclusion – the theme of this year’s IWD. Read more from inspiring women leaders at PTC:

Why are you proud to be a female leader at PTC?

PTC has given me the opportunity to prove the lack of diversity wrong. I am fortunate enough to have leaders who trust me and have empowered me to build a common dream – expanding PTC's footprint in Latin America and benefiting patients in need of our therapies and services.
Joeli Mansim VP, GM – SAM Region
Headshot of Hege Sollie-Zetlmayer
I am incredibly proud of being a leader in PTC. I am proud to represent a company that is living the values and where our mission is more than words on a webpage. As a female leader, I believe I can inspire other women to make the leap and to believe in themselves.
Hege Sollie-Zetlmayer Chief Human Resources Officer
Marla Weetall
I am proud of the work that I have done at PTC, and I appreciate the opportunities that PTC has provided. I have always believed that people at PTC are evaluated on what they deliver and the value of their contributions, irrespective of their gender or ethnicity.
Marla Weetall SVP, Pharmacology and Biomarkers

How do you inspire inclusion in your role at PTC?

I like to lead by example, giving people the opportunity to speak up, actively listening to them, challenging their ideas, and empowering execution. I personally learn from different perspectives; I value them, and I motivate my team to value them too.
Joeli Mansim VP, GM – SAM
Kylie O'Keefe
I inspire inclusion through equal voice – making sure that no matter what we're talking about or what decisions are being made, everyone feels like they have a safe place, the confidence to raise their voice, raise their hand and have an opinion – irrespective of gender.
Kylie O'Keefe Chief Commercial Officer

How can others inspire inclusion?

Marla Weetall
I believe that inclusion is increased with effective communication, providing multiple avenues for communication to allow both introverts and extroverts to contribute. Everyone wants to feel that they are heard and that they are respected.
Marla Weetall SVP, Pharmacology and Biomarkers