“During the review of the PTC STRIVE Award Program Grant submissions, the enthusiasm and commitment of the non-profit organizations jumped off the page. The grant proposals comprised a wide range of programs from around the globe; however, they all embraced the vital elements of a successful program: feasibility, creativity, budgetary issues, program
impacts and sustainability. In addition, they shared a common goal...to improve the lives of children and adults living day-to-day with DMD.”
Joy Bartnett Leffler, MLA, NASW, CSE

“The STRIVE Awards applications provided me with a renewed sense of hope for the future of the DMD community. Not only are we in a time where there are unprecedented advances in the treatment for this devastating condition, but dozens of community groups worldwide proposed amazing plans to increase access to care and research and provide resources to support the DMD community. These grants were creative and innovative, and they provided opportunities to increase awareness for the DMD patients, families and caregivers affected by DMD.”
Joline Dalton, MS, CGC

Antoine Daher

Joline Dalton, MS, CGC

Diane Edquist Dorman

Plinio Gherardi

Joy Bartnett Leffler, MLA, NASW, CSE

Kari Luther Rosbeck

Anna Kole, MPH

Brian O’Mahony

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