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Duchenne dad and manager of esports team PARA.Ghost

Martin Stengård

Martin Stengård is the proud father of Sigge, his 15-year-old son who is living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Martin is the manager of the esports team u003cemu003ePARA.Ghostu003c/emu003e made up of five players, including Sigge, aged 15 to 27 who all live Duchenne. Founding this team has enabled these young men to come together and bond over their common interest, allowing them to grow in confidence and independence. In addition to travelling with u003cemu003ePARA.Ghostu003c/emu003e to notable esports tournaments internationally, Martin has also established a non-profit organization u003cemu003ePara Esportsu003c/emu003e whose goal is to engage with disabled gamers by supporting their online gaming passion and developing esports assistive devices. Learn more about Martin and his support for Sigge’s esports journey

Martin and Sigge