Twenty-five years. A quarter of a century.

For PTC Therapeutics, our 25-year existence has been 25 years of bold, transformative science; of bringing moments to rare disease patients and their families. Twenty-five years of ups and downs, but 25 years of relentless optimism. Twenty-five years of people making PTC the company it is today.

To commemorate PTC’s 25th anniversary in 2023, we are kicking off a new series: 25 Remarkable Stories. The series will feature 25 people who have impacted PTC in some special way, and how they made their mark on PTC’s history. It will highlight people who we’ve impacted, too.

We are delighted to share their stories – from brave patients who showed us the reason why we do what we do, to scientists taking bold steps into the unknown of scientific research, to advocates creating a path for the industry to follow, to our very first employees who took a chance on a new endeavor.

We thank each and every one of them for helping to mold and shape PTC over the years into the company we are today and the one we see in the future. We thank them for believing in us, for taking a chance and for never giving up. And we thank you for joining us on this journey.

We are proud to present: 25 Remarkable Stories.