What is ataluren?

If a patient has only one nonsense mutation will ataluren still have the potential to work?

What is the purpose of ACT CF?

How does ACT CF differ from PTC's previous Phase 3 study in cystic fibrosis?

What is the design of ACT CF?

Why won't all participants in ACT CF receive ataluren?

Who is eligible to participate in ACT CF?

Why won't children under age six be able to participate in ACT CF?

Will the use of other CF treatments prevent patients from qualifying for participation in the trial?

What will participation in the trial involve?

Will study participants who receive placebo during the trial be eligible to receive ataluren?

Where is ACT CF being conducted and how long will it be accepting patients?

How can a patient enroll in ACT CF?

Is there any cost to participate in the trial?

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